Fish Spa in Puerto Princesa

During my trip to Palawan, I had the opportunity to check one item on my bucket list… FISH SPA!

Can you see them little fishies? They are so excited to eat my toes- err sorry! my dead skin cells I mean.

 Purple Bamboo Spa & Wellness Center opened a few days before I arrived in Puerto Princesa. It is actually the first in Palawan to offer a Fish Spa with Foot Massage. I’ve always been curious about this ever since I saw it in Bohol. Good thing that I was acquainted with one of its owners Mr. Isagani Sibal.

Please excuse my bony feet. But can you see their excitement?

It was a very weird experience. Imagine small toothless mouth trying to gnaw on your feet, that’s how it felt for me. The therapist Jam, explained that these small fishes are called Cichlid fish. They are actually related to the Tilapia that is commonly served on our table. The Cichlid fish in this spa is originated from Thailand and there are about 1200 of them in that tub. They grow up to 6 inches long, but by that time I’m sure you’d also be afraid to put your feet inside the tub. The Cichlid fish use their small teeth to eat the dead skin cells on your feet. The owners of Purple Bamboo told me that the original fish spa, uses the Gararupa fish. The Gararupa fish eats the dead skin layers through suction. But they are more expensive than the Cichlid fish, and are more delicate also.

Some enlightenment for the general public

Prior submerging your feet in the tub, you’d have to rinse it to remove all the chemicals on the skin layer (lotion or whatever it is that you apply to your skin).

Wishy wash. Lezz remove all the lotion or it might poison the fishies

The submerge-your-feet-in-hungry-fishies-tub actually took about 20 mins. After that they’ll rinse your feet again and give it a nice foot massage. The whole experience costs Php 199.00 only. Fish spa -Cheeeeeeeeck!

The Purple Bamboo also offers food for their customers. They have a menu consisting of healthy foods, crafted specially by their own chef!

I got to try the Tomato, Cheese and Basil Sandwich and it was so good. I never knew that simple things could result in something so awesome! It’s a must try! 😀

When you’re in Puerto Princesa don’t forget to drop by Purple Bamboo and have a go at this one of a kind spa.

Purple Bamboo Spa & Wellness Center
Goodwill Ramada Building, Rizal Ave.
Puerto Princesa City, Philippines
0917 584 3123

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