Greenwich Pizza Party

Yes, you’ve read it right. Pizza party! *squeals while doing cartwheels. lol just kidding*

I got invited to the Greenwich Blogger-only event.. And since the words pizza party are such music to my ears…Here I am! Blogging…for food! 😀

The Greenwich Pizza Party was held at SM City Davao last Sept. 14, 2012. It was a very good opportunity for me to meet the members of the Davao Bloggers. The place was really packed and every one was in a good mood.

They introduced the Better Than Any Other Greenwich Special Overload pizza and the Crispy Glazed Chicken. I was more than happy to try it of course!

*All photos are from Ria Jose

To be honest, I didn’t expect the chicken to taste that good. It was lathered with this sweet viscous sauce. And since it was practically sloshed all over, I thought that the chicken skin would somehow be soft and gooey (I really wasn’t paying attention to its name *cough* CRISPY GLAZED *cough* ).But I was wrong, it was still crunchy and nice to munch on. I’m really not into foods who offer less resistance to my teeth, so I really did enjoy the crunchy coating. Thank you for living up to your name! Aside from the yummy taste, it’s very affordable too. One piece glazed chicken with rice and drink is sold at Php 89.00.  And if you’re a lazy person like me, you don’t have to worry coz they now accept deliveries in Davao City! Yeaaaay~

G/F SM City Davao
(082) 225 1000

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