Puerto Princesa In A Rush

Uh huh! I went to Palawan in a rush because of work. And since there is a direct flight from Davao to Puerto Princesa, in a few clicks after the phone call with my boss, I was booked and ready to experience Palawan for the first time!

Hello Puerto Princesa! 😀

Look what I found at the Arrival Area of Puerto Princesa Airport~

It’s actually very helpful for those who didn’t book their hotels ahead of time. Even with the time constraints of this assignment, I was still able to book and even arranged for an airport transfer. I really like this service, it saves me from all the trouble. And the driver who picked me up was very friendly and funny. I was booked at GoHotels Palawan and along the way there’s this building that is green and yellow…

So I asked the driver if it was the hotel and this is what he said:

Driver: Actually ospital po yan ma’am. Adventist hospital po, pero ang tawag nga po ng mga nurse jan is Gohospital
Me: uhhh.okay *don’t really know how to react here*
Driver: Ang gohotel ma’am is katabi po ng Robinson’s. 4 minutes walking distance po. Pero pag umuulan 1 minute lang po guaranteed…
Me: oh okay (thinking that if it rains it’ll take a minue via jeepney or tricycle)
Driver: Kasi ma’am tatakbo po kayo, sure yun ma’am 1 minute lang.
Me: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! (Almost fell out of the car seat)

Newly opened Robinson’s Place Palawan (sorry took this shot from a moving vehicle)
And this is the real Go Hotel~ 😀

 See? They do have the same color scheme! And I’d have to give credits to manong driver for cracking jokes. He was also very enthusiastic to answer all my questions about Puerto Princesa City. He even mentioned tour packages for the usual tourist destination. Since it is work and I have limited time, I wasn’t able to explore the beauty of Palawan *cries*.

And because I’m a pig, I had to try Ka Lui. The locals said that any trip to Puerto Princesa wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t eat at Ka Lui. They were right! Ka Lui served sea food dishes using the freshest ingredients.

During this short trip, I also visited the Baker’s Hill / Baker’s Kitchen. 

And some pasalubongzzz of course! 🙂

Had to go back to the hotel afterwards. I’ve also arranged my transfer back to the airport through my booking so I didn’t worry that much. And guess who my driver is? Yes! Izz the same funny driver.

Driver: Ma’am nakapag Firefly watching po kayo?
Me: Uh no.
Driver: Maganda po dun ma’am. Sayang! Dapat nagpunta kayo.
Me: Ah next time.
Driver: Marami nagppropose dun ma’am tapos wala pa sumagot ng hindi…
Me: Ah kasi romantic?
Driver: Opo, bukod doon ma’am, itry mo sumagot ng hindi ilalaglag ka sa bangka..

Thanks to Kuya Driver for making me laugh again. Even if my trip to Puerto Princesa City was short, I still had a lot of fun. I’ll be back! And I’ll definitely visit those famous tourist destination!

Good bye Palawan! Til next time! 🙂

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