The Iska Experience

Bragging! lol. Dunno what to call that case thingy.
Iz just a case, the real diploma was given a few weeks after.
I really can’t help but be proud every time someone would ask me where I graduated. Of course, it’s UPLB! Not because of the academic ranking shinennigans but because of the culture in UPLB that I really love. It’s in UPLB that I’ve found my self confidence.
Dress Code (or lack thereof)

This university taught me how to be comfortable with who I am. I could go to class wearing whatever I want and the professors and classmates wouldn’t treat you any different (except for laboratory classes where you’d conduct experiments and  analyses then of course there’s a mandated dress code for safety purposes). The most that you’d probably get would be a few surprised stares if you’re wearing something on the levels of bikini or see-through clothes on a fully airconditioned lecture room. But no one, not one, will ask you why you’re wearing what you’re wearing. As long as you’re fulfilling your tasks and responsibilities as a student, then no one cares. Every one minds their own business. No one will force you to wear or do something that you don’t like. 

My usual lecture attire would be: short shorts or skirt, shirt, sando, or blouse, and doll shoes or sneakers. I hate/avoid wearing flipflops as all the walking around in campus makes my feet dusty and dirty. Ew. lol. I don’t like wearing pants too, because it’s very humid and I don’t wanna treat my legs as if they’re processed meat in casing a.k.a. Hotdogs. So restrictive, don’t like *insert pout here*.
Shorts! Skirt! Shorts! (Memorieeeees~)
Sometime during my sophomore year, I took swimming as one of my physical education course.
It was stupid of me to select the swimming class early in the morning and right after was a lecture class in food science. Sooooo, I’d usually go to the lecture class hair dripping wet, fresh-from-the-pool look and sometimes holding my towel to dry myself. But in my observation, never did my classmates and teacher (Hello FST 101! Hello Sir Dennis! :D) give me a funny look or judge me. I can never be too sure of what’s in their mind but at least no one in the classroom is petty enough to let outfits and attires get in the way of learning.
All Over the Place
When I was an NF (New Freshman), I did have a few difficulties of adjusting in UPLB. It was a bit shocking for me to meet people from places that I never knew existed. UPLB opened my mind that the world is a very big place and that not everything revolves in my hometown. I met people from all over the Philippines with their own unique culture and experiences to share.
Here are some of the wonderful people that made my UPLB experience more colorful.  🙂
Clarice, Joms, and I before the graduation started
Clarice Angela Hau – She’s a Filipina-Chinese from Zamboanga. Before I met her I thought that people in Zamboanga always wore those colorful outfits that could be seen in the postcards (lol, those postcards really did give that impression. sorreh!).
Jhoanna Mamiit – I dunno why but my classmates call her Sugar during college. She’s from Alaminos, Laguna which we usually pass by when going to Manila. I’d usually ignore the towns along the way and think of them as insignificant and small. They really are small but ever since I met Sugar I never looked at them the same way again.

Joanna Marizz Mission – My dear friend from Lipa, Batangas. We became friends during our freshmen year. I’d usually sleep at their dorm room even if it’s forbidden (HAHAHA~ hello manong guards in Men’s Dorm!). I blame our Biology 2 laboratory reports. Our individual laboratory report was a complete scientific paper that required at least 5 references. The library always ran out of books that I could use (yes! all the effing time, I’m not kidding -_-). Thank heavens for Janna! She’d usually have all the books that I need (hmmm… I sound like a Nokia here… I love you Janna! hehehe). I was able to visit Lipa City, taste the Kapeng Barako and experience first hand the generosity of Batangueños, all thanks to Janna!
Ma. Krischen Austria – We call her Chen, Chenita or Lowler for me(Lowler is derived from Lola with a letter R at the end, Lola-r. You know, that period of time where the letter R is added at the end of every word? Silly? IKR! hahaha). She’s from Tuguegarao and I never knew where it was in the map (Sorreh I wasn’t interested in Sibika at Kultura and Heograpiya at Kasaysayan during my elementary days. hahaha). 
Catheroine, Me, Clarice, and Aiko during our PI100 field trip
Aiko Faith Aclon – Proud Dabawenya. Every time she’d go back to eLBi after christmas break or sem-break, she’ll give us Durian candies as pasalubong. I really really hate it back then. I never thought I could like it as I do now. People really change huh? 
Catherine Gigantone – She’s from Bicol. Now that I think about it, I dunno where exactly in Bicol. (sorry neko-chi I fail as a friend T____T). She’s also Janna’s roommate from our NF years in Men’s Dorm. We’d usually have coffee after our FST 122 lecture in IRRI and discuss serious stuff in life. Those were the days~
I actually met a lot of people in UPLB that I’d like to write about but it’ll take forever (yes, I’m lazy) . I am truly thankful for these people (ugh! This feels like acknowledgement in thesis all over again.. T__T).They taught me a lot and made those 4 years very memorable. I’ll always be truly grateful. Often, people would say “highschool life was the best”, I beg to disagree! They probably wouldn’t say that if they’ve experienced UPLB too. 🙂
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