I first encountered Samgyeopsal in a South Korean Reality TV show – We Got Married. The couple that I was following then, Hwangbo and Kim Hyun Joong were branded as the Sangchu (Lettuce) couple. They’d always feed each other with these lettuce-wrapped-food which of course got me curious and hungry. And so the craving began, end of story. Hahaha just kiddin’.

Hwangbo and Kim Hyun Joong
Leafy greens

My first taste of Samgyeopsal  was during my last year in college. It was probably around July or so because I vaguely remember that we attended a screening of Eiga Sai in Edsa Shangri La that time. After the movie, one of my friends suggested that we try this Korean dish in Woorijib along Kalayaan Ave, QC. 
It was love at first taste! Grilled pork belly strips dipped first in sesame oil with salt and pepper then lathered with flavorful ssamjang and lastly wrapped in lettuce – Yummy, definitely! According to Wikipedia, ssamjang is a combination of soybean paste, chili paste, and some ingredients. For me, the ssamjang is the determining factor if a certain Korean Resto’s Samgyeopsal is yummy or not. 
Ssamjang (top) and Sesame oil with salt and pepper (bottom)
What makes samgyeopsal more interesting is that you can make it based on your preference. You can add bits and pieces of the side dished to your lettuce wrap depending on your liking!
Sweetened potato and sweetened nuts

Kimchi and Fish cakes

Side dishes

I really got hooked on Samgyeopsal that I’m always bringing friends and family for a pig out. These are the pictures that I got on my friends’ account that documents my Samgyeopsal frenzy. Enjoy!
Friends who started it all: Merii and A.K.

With Clarice Hau
with Ria Jose.
Enjoying the feast
With Mariella, Toni and Joanna
With my Aunt
With JCI friends: Cassandra, Ninna, Ria, & Atty Carlo

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