Nihonbashi Tei

Craving for late night Japanese food fix? Nihonbashi Tei is the place to be! It was my second visit to this resto and they never failed to fill my tummy with yummy Jap food. Even if it’s way past my bedtime! 🙂
Ready to eat? 🙂
I got stuck in the usual traffic from the south and my 8 PM dinner turned out to be at 10PM. The place was jam-packed when we got there. Lots of people who never follows the 6 PM rule. Hahaha. We ordered Maguro, Gyoza, and Shoyu Ramen. 

Maguro. Not a fan of fish but it looks so inviting~

Fried Gyoza

Shoyu Ramen for my daily pork fix
I liked the Fried Gyoza. It’s not too oily and the taste is just perfect for my Ramen. Shoyu Ramen is my default food in Japanese Restaurants. It’s simple yet delectable. Aaaaand, it has pork!!! If you haven’t noticed, I’m a pork person.
Here’s a map for you so you won’t get lost when you have that late night Jap Food craving:

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806 Arnaiz Ave, Pasay Road

Makati City, 1223
Metro Manila, Philippines

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