Bigby’s You Only Live Once~

YOLO. These 4 letters got so popular a few months ago that you can see it in almost everyone’s status. It is their reasoning behind every crazy antics they did. You only live once. Yes, I agree. But that doesn’t excuse every crazy-stupid behavior that you later take a picture of and upload on facebook with the caption “YOLO”.

*Insert awesome heroic background music here*

Bigby’s YOLO Launching, however, is something that I would call awesome-crazy! Maybe because it’s food so I’m a bit biased, but whatever. It is awesome! They have 3 challenges under their YOLO Menu: (1) Big Time Manhattan Burger; (2) Rack-a-Bye Baby Monster; and (3) Titanic Treat.

You Only Live Once

The Big Time Manhattan Cheeseburger is 10-inch double deck all-beef burger is a creation that challenges mankind. It comes with your usual burger components: tomato, lettuce, cheese, and onion, garnished with pickles and fries! See how intimidating it is?

Big Time Manhattan Burger

Meanwhile, the Rack-a-Bye Monster Ribs is a monstrosity of smoky-barbecued pork ribs. It comes with buttered grilled sweet corn on the cob, cilantro green beans, and crispy fat fries. Calorie overload!!!

Mega Rack-a-Bye Baby Monster  

Last but not the least in their YOLO Menu is the Titanic Treat. More than a dozen scoops of differently flavored ice cream (I wasn’t able to count, busy gorging them down! Hahaha), mixed with brownie chunks, fruits, chocolate chips, chocolate and toffee sauce! Sinful! And yes, you read that right, I challenged this one! Together with Danea of My Teenage Kid and Me, we tried to conquer this within 5 minutes.

Titanic Treat
Kisisha and Danea~ Ready to attack!!!

We failed to conquer it though. But I’m definitely going back to challenge it again! You just wait Titanic Treat!!! The other team who challenged the Big Time Manhattan Cheeseburger for 2 minutes weren’t as unlucky as us. I think they came prepared for this one. Hmmmmm..

We want meat!!!
Fight! Fight! Fight!


Bigby’s YOLO Challenge runs from August 1 until September 30, 2013. Head on to their page to see the full mechanics. So, what are you waiting for? Gather your team and prepare to become the Ultimate YOLO Titan. Remember, You Only Live Once! 😀


2/F Abreeza Mall
Davao City, Philippines

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