KakaoTalk: TOP in PH

I was just thinking about TOP last week. How I’d like to see him in person and to include that task in my bucket list. Next thing you know, Ria posted a status about an event where you could meet him! I was literally jumping up and down my hotel room.

KakaoTalk's Lucky Fans Night with TOP and Sarah
This is it! Pansit!

So the mechanics of joining the contest is already listed in the picture above. And as of today, it is officially closed. I did send entries daily! HAHAHA. I really hope I’ll get picked! I wanna see TOP in person. Please please, pretty please??? When I downloaded KakaoTalk and followed TOP, they gave me this free picture of TOP:

I’m tempted to photoshop that and change it to Kezia! HAHAHA

For those that doesn’t know him, TOP is a member of Korean Group BigBang. They consists of 5 members: G-Dragon, TOP, Tae Yang, Seung Ri, and Dae Sung. I first met BigBang in their MV Lies, way back 2007. First look at TOP, and yeah, my heart already surrendered. He was just too cute and full of attitude!

And then I came across this video:

So badass! And have you heard his voice? It’s so deep, so sexy. A simple “hello” and I feel like I was being seduced already. Hahaha.

Yeah baby~

They are a funny bunch too! During the popularity of Coffee Prince (Korean Drama), BigBang produced a parody. TOP was casted as the Manager and G-Dragon was the “boy pretending to be a girl pretending to be a boy”.

Since then, the fandom continued. I maybe out of touch of K-Pop for sometime but BigBang will always be in my heart. See you soon, TOP! <3 <3 <3

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