SunDATE at J Cuppacakes

I found a new cupcake place! 🙂 Hello J Cuppacake! I found this place in Eastwood when I went there last sunday for a feel good sunDATE with Cassandra.
Pretty store even from the outside 🙂

Isn’t it pretty? A few months ago, Cassandra was ecstatic about a cupcake place in Eastwood. However, as Eastwood is far from my cousin’s place, I wasn’t really thrilled to go. The first time I laid my eyes on the store, I already knew this is the cupcake place that she was talking about.
Welcome to J Cuppacakes

Isn’t it pretty? The array of cupcakes in the shelves are pretty enticing. The vibrant colors make you wanna try each cupcake and savor their flavor. Hmmm.. yum yum! The cakes on display were very pretty and colorful too!


Merely looking at the cupcakes made me really happy already! But I definitely didn’t leave the place without trying out some. I ordered their best seller, the Premium White Chocolate Basil and their new Cookie Butter Cupcake. If you like Basil, you’ll surely love the refreshing combination of basil and white chocolate.  On the otherhand, the Cookie Butter Cupcake is recommended for people with sweet tooth! I loved it! ❤❤❤


We’ll surely be back to try the other cupcakes! See you soon J Cuppacakes! 🙂


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