Tacloban City: Staring is Rude

Filipinos still aren’t used to tall girls, are they? I was walking around Tacloban City today and I still got stares from almost everyone that I passed by. Don’t get me wrong, I like my height. I just don’t like being stared at. Anyway, in my quest to find that quiet spot where people wouldn’t be rude, I stumbled upon Sunzibar.

Sunzibar is a Mexican-inspired restaurant located in the downtown area of Tacloban City. I didn’t even know this place existed, until I got lost. Originally, the plan was to spend my afternoon in Cafe Lucia. But alas, it was closed. So I looked for another hiding place and google said Calle Z. Google also said that Calle Z is open from 6 PM – 4 AM. F*ck it! It was just 12 noon then and I needed a place to eat and read. I am really thankful to this blog post for recommending Sunzibar. It wasn’t easy to find, though. They don’t have an overhead signage, just this cute double-face signaged that is very insconpicous. So if you’re walking on the other side of the street, you might miss it just like what happened to me. I had to stop at a milk tea place and ask the locals about the location of Sunzibar.

When I got there, the place was really jam-packed. It makes you look forward to what they can offer. Surely, people wouldn’t frequent this place if they don’t have something good to offer, right? I asked for their best seller and they recommended the Rum Ribs. Okay, I can eat Ribs. On their menu, it said “Ribs so tender, the meat falls off the bone… It comes with 2  glasses of iced tea, salad,  and rice so more people can share”. I appreciate the thought miss, but do I look like “more people” to you? I can’t eat all that. Well maybe I could, but not now when I just drank an extra large milk tea, okay? Thank you. Their next recommendation was the Pan-Grilled Chops. Ooooooh pork! Me likey!!!

Sunzibar’s Pan Grilled Chops

It was humongous! That was 2 slabs of porkchop served with rice and salad. The pork chops were specially marinated and pan-grilled with barbecue sauce. It was a very good meal! And cheap too! This meal costs only Php 147.00. Good meal, good deal! I took time eating and savoring my food that all the tables started clearing up!

As I don’t want to go out in the open field with a lot of staring people, I ordered again (Hahaha excuses! :P).  Nachoooooos! It was overflowing with cheese when they served it. Tasted great too! The tortillas, as I’ve read in their menu were hand-rolled and made fresh daily. Yes, it was crunchy and tasty. I can eat it even without the cheesy toppings. Very affordable for also for only Php 118.00.


I am very happy with this restaurant. I wanna try the Rum Ribs next time, but first I’ll find a friend or maybe a boyfriend to share that meal with! Hahaha. I’ll definitely be eating there again before I leave this week. Thank you for being a good hiding place, Sunzibar!

Sunzibar Restaurant
Burgos St., Tacloban City
(053) 321 2645

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