You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar!

In line with recent events in my life, I decided to vent out my frustration with this nail art:


I call them my Wraaaar Nails. They may look like they’re complicated to do, but they’re quite simple. I got the idea from Cute Nails Ipad App:

I tried to do away with the fancy crystals thingy and just paint my nails with the whole leopard print. For the base coat, I used my BYS Colour Change in Pink Nail Polish. As the name implies, it changes color depending on your mood (or the temperature more like it). It is bright pink if it’s warm and if it gets too cold, it changes to purple. Nice, right? 🙂

BYS Colour Change in Pink

For the leopard print, I used basic acrylic paint that I got from a local bookstore. After the base coat is dry, apply random dots in nude color, preferably using a thick brush. Let it dry. Then apply black half circles using a thinner brush. Let it dry. Then apply top coat to seal off everything. And tadaaaaa!!! You now have the Wraaar Nails! :))

Pink if it’s warm, Purple if it’s cold

Meanwhile, let’s enjoy Katy Perry’s newest song:

BYS Philippines
SM Lanang Davao City

Don’t Talk to Strangers

I’m sorry, Tita! I failed you. I talked to a stranger. I even had lunch with one. It’s a Dimsum-All-You-Can, so I’m sure you’ll understand, right..? lol.

Unlimited Yum Cha
Jasmine Restaurant in New World Hotel Manila offers Dimsum-All-You-Can for lunch time. I learned about this the best way, which is experiencing the whole thing for free. Thank you, Stranger!

Oh so happy~ Sorry for the blurred picture, Stranger’s hand is shaky. lol

We started our Unlimited Yum Cha Experience by ordering everything on their Steamed Menu. I told the waiter that it was our first time there and we wanted to try everything. And then he brought this cart of happiness to our table!!!

Cart of Happiness
I accept early Christmas presents such as this Cart of Happiness, btw! HAHAHA. From the Cart of Happiness, these are the items that I enjoyed:
Shrimp Dumplings

Pork Dumplings Quail Egg

Pork Dumplings and Crab Roe

Chicken Feet Tausi

Steamed Spare Ribs Tausi

I greatly recommend their Shrimp Dumplings! Out of the all the items in their menu, it was the one that I loved the most. Next on my list was the Pork Dumplings Quail Eggs and Pork Dumpling Crab Roe (yes, I love pork so it might be a little biased! lol). The Chicken Feet Tausi and Steamed Spare Ribs Tausi was so soft that the meat comes off the bone so easy. It was a bit spicy, but flavorful nonetheless.

We also tried Fried and Baked Selection. They brought this plate with assorted dimsum:

From L -R: Barbecued Pork Pastry, Wagyu Beef with Mango Rolls,
 Seafood Taro Puff, Shrimp Wonton, Deep Fried Shrimp with
Bean Curd Skin Roll 

I honestly prefer their Steamed Selection than the Fried and Baked. Or maybe because I was too full with all the Shrimp Dumplings that I ate? HAHAHA. Anyway, I still tried one of each. Of all those in the plate, I liked the Shrimp Wonton dipped in Sweet and Sauce.

Chocolate, Peanuts, Glutinous Dumplings

Dessert Time!!! Because we’re too full, we asked the waiter to just serve the best seller dessert in their menu. So he brought this Glutinous Dumplings with chocolate and peanuts. It’s like “Buchi or Butsi”  but instead of the regular Sweet Mongo filling, they replaced it with chocolate and then coated with ground peanuts. I just wish they offer “Buchi” though, because that’s my favorite among other things.

Jasmine tea and Iced Tea

The Unlimited Yum Cha comes with free Jasmine Tea and a glass of iced tea or soda for Php 695+ per person and Php 950+ per person with  a glass of champagne. Thank you again, Stranger! Until our next food adventure! 😀

Jasmine Restaurant
2/F New World Hotel
Esperanza Street corner Makati Avenue
Ayala Center, Makati City, 1228 Philippines

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