You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar!

In line with recent events in my life, I decided to vent out my frustration with this nail art:


I call them my Wraaaar Nails. They may look like they’re complicated to do, but they’re quite simple. I got the idea from Cute Nails Ipad App:

I tried to do away with the fancy crystals thingy and just paint my nails with the whole leopard print. For the base coat, I used my BYS Colour Change in Pink Nail Polish. As the name implies, it changes color depending on your mood (or the temperature more like it). It is bright pink if it’s warm and if it gets too cold, it changes to purple. Nice, right? 🙂

BYS Colour Change in Pink

For the leopard print, I used basic acrylic paint that I got from a local bookstore. After the base coat is dry, apply random dots in nude color, preferably using a thick brush. Let it dry. Then apply black half circles using a thinner brush. Let it dry. Then apply top coat to seal off everything. And tadaaaaa!!! You now have the Wraaar Nails! :))

Pink if it’s warm, Purple if it’s cold

Meanwhile, let’s enjoy Katy Perry’s newest song:

BYS Philippines
SM Lanang Davao City

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