Mindanao Blog Awards

“Congratulations for being one of the Breakthrough Blogs of Mindanao!” – Yes, thank you! I still can’t believe that this blog won a special award.

Thank you Mindanao Blog Awards! I was already happy and content as part of the volunteer group,  and receiving this award is like cherry on top of the icing. It makes you want to be a better blogger so you can uphold the prestige of being part of the “Breakthrough Blogs of Mindanao”. Gaaaah. Pressure!!!

With the volunteers, Yassy and Mark preparing for the Mindanao Blog Awards’ Night

To be honest, I do feel that I do not deserve this award. But like what you guys said, this will be an inspiration for me to improve my blog and my blogger-related skills. To the people who nominated and voted for Kisisha.com, thank you for your support!

MBA Volunteers: Chamee, Me, Sarah, and Sharee

Thank you to the other volunteers who helped with the preparations and execution of Mindanao Blog Awards. Also, to the sponsors that gave their trust in this endeavor, thank you very much! BTW, MBA 2013 is powered by Globe Telecom, Thank you! Soar High, Mindanao! 🙂

Table decorations made by Sarah

mindanao blog awards
Hours before the main event. 🙂
mindano blog awards sponsor
Thank you , Colt 45! 🙂

Mindanao Blog Awards
Photobooth props that we made the night before.
Mindanao Blog Awards
MySkin Essentials Soap for the Finalists. 🙂

Mindanao Blog Awards
Our table decorations and the main sponsor, Globe Telecom

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