Cebu Pacific Web Check-In

As a frequent Cebu Pacific flyer, I’ve decided to come up with the advantages and disadvantages of using the Web Check-In Service offered by Cebu Pacific based from my personal experience.


1. Less Worry. You can be at the counter 45 minutes before your flight and not worry about your reservation getting cancelled or sold to someone else in the event of a fully booked flight. Also, if you’re traveling light (no checked-in baggage), you can just print your own boarding pass and go straight to the Boarding Gate and await your boarding call.

2. Bag Drop Counter. For those who are traveling with luggage, CebuPac have specific Bag Drop Counter where you can check-in your luggage and get your boarding pass. Usually, the Bag Drop Counter have shorter lines as compared to your regular check-in counter.

Bag Drop Counter – Genius!


1. No More Re-Booking. Yes, If you’ve already web-checked in and in the event that you wanted to cancel your flight and re-schedule it to another date, you can no longer re-book your flight. I personally experienced this during Typhoon Maring last August 2013. I was in Tacloban for field work and was bound to return to Manila for an important meeting. The weather was really bad in Manila then. I decided to push through and use the web check-in service the night before my flight since there are no updates of my flight being cancelled.

My boarding pass

On the day of my flight, CebuPac already announced that they are willing to re-schedule flights To and From Manila because of the bad weather conditions. However, when I called their hotline, this service no longer apply to me as I have already web-checked in. When I got to the airport, the place was jam-packed since the earlier flight of CebuPac got cancelled and a lot of passengers wanted to get in our flight since it was still scheduled to fly. 3 hours later, sorry, I mean 2 hours 55 minutes after, they finally decided to cancel it. Annoying isn’t it? Did you know that if your flight is delayed for 3 hours from the ETD, the airline is required to provide passengers with meals (Passenger Bill of Rights). So they waited until the last 5 minutes of that 3 hours before cancelling our flight. So there I was, hungry and annoyed. It took me another 3 hours before they can cancel my check-in and rebook me to another flight. Grrrr! I never hated the Web Check-In that much since then.

Agitated passengers

2. Bag Drop Counter. Not all Cebu Pacific Counters have this. So far, I’ve only experienced the hassle-free check-in in Davao City and in Terminal 3. For locations like Cebu, Iloilo, Ozamiz, and Tacloban, they use the same counter for your bag-drop and for your normal check-in. So Web Check-In for these locations are basically futile.

3. Not Available to All Flights. Did you know that the Web Check-In is only available for Airbus flights or their short flights? I’ve noticed this when I flew in from Davao to Cagayan de Oro and Manila to Naga. So if you’re booked to these flights don’t bother checking their website anymore as they’re not available.

So far, these are the only ones that I could think of. Do you have some experience with Web Check-In service that you’d like to share? 🙂

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