GoHotels Mandaluyong for every Juan

Whenever I’m in Manila for work, my default place to stay is GoHotels Cybergate Plaza. Why?


1. It’s convenient. Located along EDSA, GoHotels is very accessible to all types of transportation. I can easily take a cab and in 15 minutes I’ll be in our office in Ortigas. Provincial and Local Buses always stop in Robinson’s Pioneer which is just beside the Cybergate Plaza. You can also took the train, as the MRT Boni Station is nearby too.
Hello EDSA from my Queen-Bed Room 🙂
2. Clean and Comfy. I hate dust and dirt, so I always make sure that I’ll sleep in a clean and comfortable surroundings after a day of hard work. I stayed in hotel rooms that looks classy and elegant, but when you lie on the bed, you’ll never see the sun again because of the bug bites. Eww.

Comfy bed and comfy sheets!

3. Affordable. Yes it is affordable compared to other hotels in Manila. You can get a room for as low as Php 1300.00, if you’ll book 1 week ahead and the prices can only go as high as Php 2300.00. I actually tried walking-in a few times and still got a room for Php 2300.00. Their booking system is like that of an airline company. The prices increase as the demand increase. So if you’re going to book on the same day that you’re going to stay there expect the price to be from Php 2000 – 2300 range. They also have room sales regularly where you can book your room accommodations ahead of time for a lower price.

I also have a list of things I do not like/enjoy while staying in GoHotels:

1. Key Cards. They get f*cking deactivated all the time. This happened a few times to me already and during the most dire times too. One time I went home around 3 AM so tired and sleepy and when I tried the 2 key cards that I have, both aren’t working. Just thinking about it makes me annoyed again. Anyhow, I went down to the lobby again to have them re-activated and that’s when the Front Desk Lady told me that the key cards are sensitive to gadgets and can be deactivated anytime. Who doesn’t own a gadget nowadays???

2. No Room Service. The hotel doesn’t have their own restaurant so when you stay there, make sure you’re prepared to survive. Hahaha. Don’t worry, the building has MiniStop Convenience Store at the Ground Floor level so you can get your water and chips there. As for food / meals, they also have Tokyo Cafe where they serve Japanese Food. Or if you really want cheaper / affordable meals you can just drop by Robinson’s Forum which is just beside GoHotels. They have an assortment of fastfood and food carts inside.

3. Thin Walls. If your neighboring rooms are very boisterous, you can just dial the front desk and request that they notify the nearby rooms to quiet down. But basically, you can hear their stories and sounds if they’re doing something naughty inside. hahaha. You can even hear the footsteps of other guests in the hallways.

So far, the reasons why I like GoHotels still weighs more to me than the dislike list. I still and will always choose to stay in their Cybergate Mandaluyong Branch. Thanks for making GoHotels the place for every Juan! :))

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