Let’s Go to Europe!!!

As part of the company’s incentive for our team effort, the whole Task Force Everest Team is going to Europe! Yehey!

Task Force Everest: Me, Ralph, Jephelle, Lai (Renoir Consultant), Elmer, Rachelle, Richelle, Milady, Bino is missing again

I may not have mentioned this before, but last May 2013, I got pulled out from the QA Department to join Project Everest and help reach the project’s goals. It ended last October 11, 2013 and the whole team’s hard work showed positive results. Thus the company granted us the Eurotrip. 😀

So now it’s a whirlwind of Visa Processing, Clothes Shopping, Itinerary Planning, and not to mention saving money! It’s not everyday someone gives you an all-expense paid trip to Europe, so the whole team is planning to make the most out of this experience.

Visa Processing

I am new to this. I’ve never traveled outside the country. If all goes well, this Eurotrip will be my first international trip! So excited! 😀 Going back, like what I said I am new to this visa processing thing. I didn’t even know what the visa is called. Thanks to Google, I learned that we need to get the Schengen Visa to enter Europe. The Schengen Visa grants entry to 25 countries that are included in the Schengen Area (for more information visit: http://www.schengenvisa.cc/). For the Schengen Visa, you can process it in any of the 25 countries, provided that you will stay most of the duration of your trip in that country where you will apply for your Schengen Visa. So for example you plan to travel for 5 days in Europe and you’ll be staying 3 days in France and 2 days in Italy, you’ll have to process and apply for your Schengen Visa in the French Embassy. That’s what the travel agency said. lol.

This is it! Pansit! *cross-fingers*

Clothes Shopping

We are planning to travel during the last 2 weeks of November. That’s almost winter time there so my wardrobe isn’t really suitable for the weather. I’ve started looking for boots, jackets, thermal clothes, gloves, and earmuffs. It’s a ten day trip and I wonder how I could survive that weather?

Trying on some winter jacket 🙂

Itinerary Planning

Neither one of us have been to Europe yet so this part was really challenging for us. It took us a while before we agreed on which countries to visit. It was just initially Paris, France but since we’re there already, we decided to include Barcelona, Spain and Rome, Italy in our itinerary too. Anyone who’ve been to these places already? Care to share where to eat, sleep, and visit in these places? It will be highly appreciated! :))

So excited about our trip! But still need to prepare a lot of things. Gaaah! I’m really really praying and hoping that our Visa Application will be okay! *cross-fingers* Go Team, Go!

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  1. Good luck Kish sa Schengen Visa application! Waaaa so inggit! Me wants to go to Europe pero wala pang time HUHUHU. And lucky you, all-expense paid! Grand vacation, Mademoiselle!

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