PawiSurf Day 1: Sun & Pawikan

Last March, I decided to join my friends’ surfing trip. Neil & Neil (N2) Surfing Co., regularly organize 2-day surf trips in San Narciso, Zambales for Php 2000.00 per person. This includes the fare, accommodation, food, and surf lesson. I was lucky enough to join the last batch of PawiSurf. Aside from surfing, you also get the chance to release baby Pawikans into the ocean.

San Narciso Zambales
We’re N2 Surfing!

The food they served during our stay are all fresh and yummy. I don’t really like fish (except Salmon), but the fish steak was really good! Perfect time to start my Seafood Diet (When I see food, I eat it).

San narciso Zambales
Fish steak!!!

We headed for the beach around 4 PM. We had to pass by these beautiful trees going to the beach. It’s like a nature trip; very peaceful and quiet. 

San Narciso Zambales
Road less traveled. lol.
When we got to the beach, there was no one around. The water was flat which is not good for surfing. So for the first day, we had to cancel the surf lesson and just wait for the sunset. It was amazing!

San Narciso Zambales
Deserted beach with crystals in the sand.
Sunset in San Narciso, Zambales

My photo did not do any justice to the beauty of sunset in Zambales. I’m sorry, I wish I know how to capture it. It was just pure bliss, sitting there at the shore, with beers and new found friends.

San Narciso Zambales
Local folk trying to fish

After watching the sunset, we decided to visit the baby Pawikans. Unfortunately, only 1 egg hatched when we visited the sanctuary. The others are still inside their shells. They’re not mature enough and we have to wait for it’s brothers and sisters.

San Narciso Zambales
Hello baby pawikan!
San Narciso Zambales

Every night, during Pawikan Egg Laying Season, locals of Lapaz San Narciso Zambales patrols the beach for these eggs. They call themselves ‘Pawi Rangers’. They collect the eggs and transfer it to a fenced sand area where the eggs can safely mature and hatch. As stated in Wikipedia, four species of the sea turtle have been identified as “endangered” or “critically endangered” with another two being classed as “vulnerable”.  The Pawi Rangers are all volunteers that want to help protect these endangered species. When the hatchlings are old enough, the Pawi Rangers then release the pawikans back to the ocean.

San Narciso Zambales
Life Cycle of a Sea Turtle

It was a very humbling experience. Imagine being born as a sea turtle, where you have to fight your way to live. Starting from egg until they mature, they always have to fight to survive. Go fight win, Pawikans! I’ll cheer for you and hope you”ll grow old.

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