It was one of those days where I felt truly alone. My tummy hurts and I was shivering with fever. Whenever I’d get sick before, you’d be there to check up on me. But now, I can only weep and call out your name.
I don’t know if I was hallucinating. Maybe I was. But that night, while I was crying and shaking, I felt your presence. It was as if you’re hugging me from behind like you’d always do. Your strong arms enveloping and holding me while I cry myself to sleep. It was the same warm feeling…

Cyanide & Happiness

You always encouraged me to do better. Every now and then you’d give me a book that I’ve never heard of but I’d end up liking it. You know me so well, love.
That day you introduced me to Cyanide and Happiness. We were having coffee when you suddenly gave me this comic book. You totally get my sense of humor. I ended up finishing the book even before I got home.
You told me you’re gonna get me the next book… But you never did… Never will…


I felt bad that morning. I messed up some stuff at work and I was very disappointed at myself. I clearly remember your words…
“Don’t feel so sad. It will blow over. I’m trying to be okay. You will be too. :)”
I’ll be okay. I’ll always go back to your messages when I’m feeling blue…
How about you? Are you feeling okay now? I hope you’re not suffering anymore.. That’s all I wish for you now, love…


We went back to UPLB together. It was a bright and sunshine-y day. We walked hand in hand exploring the new buildings in the campus, reminiscing college memories as we go along.
You haven’t visited the campus for so long. Some memories were too much for you. Tell me, is that what I should do too? Stop visiting all the places that we’ve been to? Places that we’ve talked about and planned to visit? Funny. Lobotomy sounds easier than that…

Bleeding Sky

I was on my way back home. Your presence was constant the whole day that I was working. You always replied to my messages.
As the van hurtles along the highway, I noticed that the sky was red. It was bleeding yet pretty. 
I took a quick snap and sent it you.
“That’s nice. Wish I were there to see it with you”
Yes love, I wish you were with me too. And know that everytime the sky bleeds like this, my heart will be bleeding for you too.