Skydiving in Cebu

Cebu Skydiving
Hello Bantayan Island (from the scary propeller plane)

Last December, a friend asked if I wanted to join Skydiving in Cebu. I said yes, thinking that the trip wouldn’t push through anyway. Even after booking flights to Cebu, reserving hotels, depositing downpayments, I was still thinking that it would be cancelled. I can’t back out and be a pussy. It was part of my ‘Things to Do’. I never imagined that I could jump out of a plane, 10 000 ft above sea level. Yet here are photos to remind me that I was crazy enough to do just that!!!

Cebu Skydiving
This is it pancit! No turning back!
Cebu Skydiving
Smiling at the camera! hahaha

Cebu Skydiving
Chillax-ing while free falling! 🙂 
Cebu Skydiving
Best feeling ever! Wohoo!

It was 2 minutes of free falling. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel that pull in my tummy. Or maybe I did, but I failed to notice. I was overwhelmed by the wonderful view of Bantayan Island and the cold wind rushing to my face. I was just smiling the whole time. I still can’t believe that I did that!!! But I’m glad I experienced it. 

That jump costs Php 18K. And add the hotel in Bantayan, for 2 nights (2000-2500 per night), fare going to Bantayan from Cebu City (around 600 one-way), meals (150 per meal), and rent for the motorcyle to go around the island (300-500). My responsible-money-conscious self is shaking her head silently. Haha! But it was worth it. Pramis! 😅

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  1. Wow! One day millionaire and boom back to zero cash! Hahaha! Well, I always prefer accumulating experiences rather than material possessions, as they make you happier as time progresses. But I never thought you to be this daring though. Can't wait to do this soon but probably in Mactan (maybe it's cheaper?). This has been itching on my bucket list ever since first grade. Any video links? 🙂

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