Gusteau’s Crab Hauz, General Santos City

Gusteau's Crab Hauz, General Santos City
Gusteau’s Crab Hauz

Whenever I’m in General Santos City, my friends would always recommend to eat tuna. But frankly, I don’t like it (except for the sashimi). That’s why I’m grateful for my friend Ria, for coming over to Gensan just to see me! She introduced me to Gusteau’s Crab Hauz.

Gusteau's Crab Hauz, General Santos City
Gusteau’s version of Crabs in Garlic and Herbs *drools*

Honestly, I think Ria went there for the food trip. Visiting me was just her excuse. Admit it! haha. Oh well, even I would visit Gensan just for crabs. Personally, I prefer the basic steamed crabs over the seasoned crabs with sauce and stuff. I used to think that the sauce masks the original crab flavor. But the Crabs in Garlic and Herbs made me question that preference. The sauce was the best! I can eat two cups of rice with it alone. And the flavor penetrated the shell. It was incorporated in the crab meat. I am drooling just by thinking about it. huhu. I wanna go back there now!!!!

Gusteau's Crab Hauz, General Santos City

We also tried their steak. It was okay. I would’ve liked it more if they haven’t served it in a sizzling plate. I was worried that the medium-well steak would turn out to be well-done so I ate it quickly. I haven’t had the time to savor it as much as I did with the crabs. But don’t worry, we’ll be back to try more of this. They have the Steak-All-You-Can for only Php 699.00!!!

Steak-all-you-can for Php 699 only!!!

 Thanks for coming over Ri! I love you! <3 <3 <3

Gusteau's Crab Hauz, General Santos City

White Bean Cafe: Unexpected Hideout in Naga City

I’m a sucker for pretty things and pretty places, so you can just imagine how happy I was that I found White Bean Cafe in Naga City. I can sit in their comfy chair all day, drinking tea and reading my favorite book. They also serve good food so you can just order some of their dishes when you get hungry.

White Bean Cafe, Naga City
It looks like Kuya Guard is planted in the pot. lol.

This is my favorite side of their place, I call it the ‘Blue Side’. I like the combination of blue, white, and pink. It’s just so dainty and pretty. I’d usually stay at this side of the cafe. I’d only sit on the other side if all the seats here are taken. And yes, this side is always full.

White Bean Cafe, Naga City
The ‘Blue Side’

White Bean Cafe, Naga City
The ‘Yellow Side’

I was fortunate that the company booked me in Nagaland Hotel, which is just above White Bean Cafe. For 5 days, I’d always have my breakfast at this pretty place. What a great way to start my day. 🙂

White Bean Cafe, Naga City

It’s a great way to end your day too! They have affordable pasta, sandwiches, and rice meals. Here are my favorites in their menu:

White Bean Cafe, Naga City
White Bean Cafe, Naga City

White Bean Cafe, Naga City
Chicken Pesto Pasta

If ever you’re in Naga City, don’t forget to drop by White Bean Cafe. It is located near the busy Panganiban Street, found at the Ground Floor of Nagaland Hotel and across Robinson’s Naga.

White Bean Cafe 
+63 54 473 2111

Pig-out Sunday: Gayuma ni Maria, Nomnomnom Happy Food, and Fleur de Lys

After almost a year, we finally had a reunion! Because we’re based in different locations, gathering my friends for a simple dinner is a bit of a trouble. It’s perfect timing that Ria had to attend a wedding and an event in Manila this week. Thus, a Sunday full of food.

Gayuma ni Maria
Gayuma ni Maria

First stop, Gayuma ni Maria. It’s a small restaurant along V Luna Extension in Sikatuna Village. From the outside, the place looks shady. I even asked my friend if we’re at the right place. But don’t let the outside scare you, the place looks great in the inside. We went there just after the Valentine’s Day fiasco so Gayuma ni Maria still have hearts all over the place.

Gayuma ni Maria
Gayuma ni Maria: Love booths
Gayuma ni Maria
Gayuma ni Maria: Valentine’s Day Decor

Gayuma ni Maria
Gayuma ni Maria: Love potions on the wall

And because it was just Feb. 16, they still have their Valentine Specials. For our appetizer, we had the Portobello caps with asparagus, tomato, & zucchini salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar. I hate mushrooms in general, but what they served totally changed that opinion. It was the best mushroom I’ve ever had. It tastes just like meat! Can we have seconds, please?

Gayuma ni Maria
Gayuma ni Maria: Yummy Portobello Mushroom

For our main course, Tenderloin steak with bleu cheese butter on a bed of roasted baby potatoes. Anything with bleu cheese is already good. Enough said.

Gayuma ni Maria
Gayuma ni Maria: Bleu Cheese!!!

Cassandra, on the other hand, decided to order their Chocolate Pasta. It was something new. It tastes weird but still good. It’s hard to explain. You just have to try it yourself.

Gayuma ni Maria
Gayuma ni Maria: Chocolate Pasta

Our complete meal (appetizer, main course, and dessert) was priced at Php 750.00. Fair price for the great food they served.

Nomnomnom Happy Food
Nomnomnom Happy Food: Group Picture!!!

And our second destination, Nomnomnom Happy Food! Ninna decided to join us then for a quick afternoon snack. We went to Nomnomnom last year before they transferred location.

Nomnomnom Happy Food
Nomnomnom Happy Food: Their selfie while I was in the restroom

Nomnomnom Happy Food is now located at 3/F Pos Building, Scout Madrinan cor Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Their place is now brighter than before but still maintaining that homey and cozy interior. It’s a perfect place to spend your sunday!

Nomnomnom Happy Food
Nomnomnom Happy Food: Flowers and birds’ photographs

Nomnomnom Happy Food
Nomnomnom Happy Food: Flowers at the ceiling

Nomnomnom Happy Food

Nomnomnom Happy Food: Flowers in our table

Nomnomnom Happy Food
Nomnomnom Happy Food: Selfie with Cassandra

I ordered my favorite, the Tinapa and Pesto Ravioli. The combination of pesto and tinapa is really great. They could do with a little more tinapa flavor, and it will be perfect. But it was still a fulfilling meal. I would recommend this ravioli to other pesto-lovers out there. This dish was priced at Php 220.00.

Nomnomnom Happy Food
Nomnomnom Happy Food: Tinapa and Pesto Ravioli

Nomnomnom Happy Food also serve desserts and cakes. However, my friends recommended that we drop-by another famous dessert shop that they frequent. So off to Fleur de Lys!

Fleur de Lys
Posing inside Fleur de Lys.

Fleur de Lys is just walking distance from Nomnomnom Happy Food. Here’s what they have in their counter:

Fleur De Lys

Isn’t it confusing? I wanted to try all of them. So we decided we’ll take a slice each of different pastries. Since there are four of us, we ordered these four yummy, appetizing, saliva-inducing desserts:

Fleur de Lys
Dessert No. 1: The Next Best Thing

We decided to attack this first because of the ice cream. This reminds me of the dessert I had in La Marea in Cebu. The warm chocolate cake goes well with the vanilla ice cream. Two-thumbs up for The Next Best Thing!

Fleur de Lys
Dessert No. 2: Dulce and Gabanana

Next on our list was the Dulce and Gabanana. Dulce and Gabanana is a combination of fresh bananas with chocolate dulce de leche on something something crust. The banana and cream was great, but the crust was really thick. We did not eat the crust because it was too hard.

Fleur de Lys
Dessert No. 3: Cheesecake by Request

Blueberry Cheesecake for level 3. It’s vanilla french cheesecake with blueberry. You can choose from blueberry, strawberry,  caramel cream, or chocolate. We opted for the blueberry. I wish they could serve more blueberries! This is my 2nd favorite after The Next Best Thing.

Dessert No. 4: Best Kept C-cret

For the last and final round, we had their best seller cake. The Best Kept C-cret is a combination of caramel, chocolate, and yema cream on soft chiffon cake. This cake is 3rd on my list.  All four slices combined, they cost us around Php 520.00.

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” Thank you Cassandra, Ninna, and Ria for a very fun and food-filled Sunday!

Here’s a map for Gayuma ni Maria:

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More Than Just Sushi

The new SushiDito Branch is now open and they’re serving more than just sushi! Yes, they also have Filipino dishes and Italian dishes that you could choose from.

The new SushiDito Branch shares the place with IlForno and Klasikos. IlForno serves homemade pizza and pasta, while Klasikos offer the greatest traditional Filipino Food. With this feature, customers are no longer confined to enjoying one cuisine. Hooray for more options!

SushiDito Damosa
Quick panorama shot of SushiDito by Danaea

A few weeks ago, together with other Davao Bloggers, I got to taste the best from their menu. Here are the dishes that I liked best:

SushiDito Damosa
Il Forno’s Selvatici

Did I fail to mention before that I like cheese and tomatoes? The Selvatici is topped with mix mushroom, alfredo sauce, dice tomato, mozzarella cheese, and parmesan cheese. Perfect combination! You can enjoy this pizza for as low as Php 220.00.

SushiDito Damosa
Il Forno’s Cremoso Dip

After a bit of Google-ing, Google Translate says that ‘Cremoso’ is the Spanish word for ‘Creamy’. It was indeed a creamy dip, with bits of herbs unknown to my taste bud. But it was all blended so well and the unknown-herbs complement the cheese. Suffice to say, the dip was so good we had to ask for second serving of bread. The Cremoso Dip is available for Php 180.00.

SushiDito Damosa
Seafood Bicol Express

The Seafood Bicol Express contains a variety of seafood like shrimp, mussel, squid, and fish. The seafood is cooked in a special sauce. It wasn’t spicy as compared to other ‘Bicol Express’ food that I’ve tasted. But the sweet and salty combination of the sauce makes you want to eat more! The Seafood Bicol Express is priced at Php 210.00

SushiDito’s Yamata no Orochi

The Yamata no Orochi is a group meal that contains Salmon Sashimi, Tuna Sashimi, Miami Roll, California Maki, Salmon Nigiri, Tuna Nigiri, Orange Dragon, and comes with 1.5L Coke. This meal is good for 4-6 persons. I fell in love with the California Maki!!! The Yamata no Orochi is priced at Php 1350.00.

Overall, the food is good and affordable. Next time my friends and family visit Davao City, I know where to bring them! With their quality service, authentic food, and value-for-money, this will surely be a remarkable dining experience for them! *excited* Family, please visit soon! I love you! 😀
And if you’re a bit lazy to visit them in LandCo, you can also order online or thru phone. Delivery is free!

SushiDito Davao
G/F Hai Global Building, Pryce Business Park
Bajada, Davao City
(082) 295 3333
(+63) 932 855 2555

Don’t Talk to Strangers

I’m sorry, Tita! I failed you. I talked to a stranger. I even had lunch with one. It’s a Dimsum-All-You-Can, so I’m sure you’ll understand, right..? lol.

Unlimited Yum Cha
Jasmine Restaurant in New World Hotel Manila offers Dimsum-All-You-Can for lunch time. I learned about this the best way, which is experiencing the whole thing for free. Thank you, Stranger!

Oh so happy~ Sorry for the blurred picture, Stranger’s hand is shaky. lol

We started our Unlimited Yum Cha Experience by ordering everything on their Steamed Menu. I told the waiter that it was our first time there and we wanted to try everything. And then he brought this cart of happiness to our table!!!

Cart of Happiness
I accept early Christmas presents such as this Cart of Happiness, btw! HAHAHA. From the Cart of Happiness, these are the items that I enjoyed:
Shrimp Dumplings

Pork Dumplings Quail Egg

Pork Dumplings and Crab Roe

Chicken Feet Tausi

Steamed Spare Ribs Tausi

I greatly recommend their Shrimp Dumplings! Out of the all the items in their menu, it was the one that I loved the most. Next on my list was the Pork Dumplings Quail Eggs and Pork Dumpling Crab Roe (yes, I love pork so it might be a little biased! lol). The Chicken Feet Tausi and Steamed Spare Ribs Tausi was so soft that the meat comes off the bone so easy. It was a bit spicy, but flavorful nonetheless.

We also tried Fried and Baked Selection. They brought this plate with assorted dimsum:

From L -R: Barbecued Pork Pastry, Wagyu Beef with Mango Rolls,
 Seafood Taro Puff, Shrimp Wonton, Deep Fried Shrimp with
Bean Curd Skin Roll 

I honestly prefer their Steamed Selection than the Fried and Baked. Or maybe because I was too full with all the Shrimp Dumplings that I ate? HAHAHA. Anyway, I still tried one of each. Of all those in the plate, I liked the Shrimp Wonton dipped in Sweet and Sauce.

Chocolate, Peanuts, Glutinous Dumplings

Dessert Time!!! Because we’re too full, we asked the waiter to just serve the best seller dessert in their menu. So he brought this Glutinous Dumplings with chocolate and peanuts. It’s like “Buchi or Butsi”  but instead of the regular Sweet Mongo filling, they replaced it with chocolate and then coated with ground peanuts. I just wish they offer “Buchi” though, because that’s my favorite among other things.

Jasmine tea and Iced Tea

The Unlimited Yum Cha comes with free Jasmine Tea and a glass of iced tea or soda for Php 695+ per person and Php 950+ per person with  a glass of champagne. Thank you again, Stranger! Until our next food adventure! 😀

Jasmine Restaurant
2/F New World Hotel
Esperanza Street corner Makati Avenue
Ayala Center, Makati City, 1228 Philippines

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Tacloban City: Staring is Rude

Filipinos still aren’t used to tall girls, are they? I was walking around Tacloban City today and I still got stares from almost everyone that I passed by. Don’t get me wrong, I like my height. I just don’t like being stared at. Anyway, in my quest to find that quiet spot where people wouldn’t be rude, I stumbled upon Sunzibar.

Sunzibar is a Mexican-inspired restaurant located in the downtown area of Tacloban City. I didn’t even know this place existed, until I got lost. Originally, the plan was to spend my afternoon in Cafe Lucia. But alas, it was closed. So I looked for another hiding place and google said Calle Z. Google also said that Calle Z is open from 6 PM – 4 AM. F*ck it! It was just 12 noon then and I needed a place to eat and read. I am really thankful to this blog post for recommending Sunzibar. It wasn’t easy to find, though. They don’t have an overhead signage, just this cute double-face signaged that is very insconpicous. So if you’re walking on the other side of the street, you might miss it just like what happened to me. I had to stop at a milk tea place and ask the locals about the location of Sunzibar.

When I got there, the place was really jam-packed. It makes you look forward to what they can offer. Surely, people wouldn’t frequent this place if they don’t have something good to offer, right? I asked for their best seller and they recommended the Rum Ribs. Okay, I can eat Ribs. On their menu, it said “Ribs so tender, the meat falls off the bone… It comes with 2  glasses of iced tea, salad,  and rice so more people can share”. I appreciate the thought miss, but do I look like “more people” to you? I can’t eat all that. Well maybe I could, but not now when I just drank an extra large milk tea, okay? Thank you. Their next recommendation was the Pan-Grilled Chops. Ooooooh pork! Me likey!!!

Sunzibar’s Pan Grilled Chops

It was humongous! That was 2 slabs of porkchop served with rice and salad. The pork chops were specially marinated and pan-grilled with barbecue sauce. It was a very good meal! And cheap too! This meal costs only Php 147.00. Good meal, good deal! I took time eating and savoring my food that all the tables started clearing up!

As I don’t want to go out in the open field with a lot of staring people, I ordered again (Hahaha excuses! :P).  Nachoooooos! It was overflowing with cheese when they served it. Tasted great too! The tortillas, as I’ve read in their menu were hand-rolled and made fresh daily. Yes, it was crunchy and tasty. I can eat it even without the cheesy toppings. Very affordable for also for only Php 118.00.


I am very happy with this restaurant. I wanna try the Rum Ribs next time, but first I’ll find a friend or maybe a boyfriend to share that meal with! Hahaha. I’ll definitely be eating there again before I leave this week. Thank you for being a good hiding place, Sunzibar!

Sunzibar Restaurant
Burgos St., Tacloban City
(053) 321 2645

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Bigby’s You Only Live Once~

YOLO. These 4 letters got so popular a few months ago that you can see it in almost everyone’s status. It is their reasoning behind every crazy antics they did. You only live once. Yes, I agree. But that doesn’t excuse every crazy-stupid behavior that you later take a picture of and upload on facebook with the caption “YOLO”.

*Insert awesome heroic background music here*

Bigby’s YOLO Launching, however, is something that I would call awesome-crazy! Maybe because it’s food so I’m a bit biased, but whatever. It is awesome! They have 3 challenges under their YOLO Menu: (1) Big Time Manhattan Burger; (2) Rack-a-Bye Baby Monster; and (3) Titanic Treat.

You Only Live Once

The Big Time Manhattan Cheeseburger is 10-inch double deck all-beef burger is a creation that challenges mankind. It comes with your usual burger components: tomato, lettuce, cheese, and onion, garnished with pickles and fries! See how intimidating it is?

Big Time Manhattan Burger

Meanwhile, the Rack-a-Bye Monster Ribs is a monstrosity of smoky-barbecued pork ribs. It comes with buttered grilled sweet corn on the cob, cilantro green beans, and crispy fat fries. Calorie overload!!!

Mega Rack-a-Bye Baby Monster  

Last but not the least in their YOLO Menu is the Titanic Treat. More than a dozen scoops of differently flavored ice cream (I wasn’t able to count, busy gorging them down! Hahaha), mixed with brownie chunks, fruits, chocolate chips, chocolate and toffee sauce! Sinful! And yes, you read that right, I challenged this one! Together with Danea of My Teenage Kid and Me, we tried to conquer this within 5 minutes.

Titanic Treat
Kisisha and Danea~ Ready to attack!!!

We failed to conquer it though. But I’m definitely going back to challenge it again! You just wait Titanic Treat!!! The other team who challenged the Big Time Manhattan Cheeseburger for 2 minutes weren’t as unlucky as us. I think they came prepared for this one. Hmmmmm..

We want meat!!!
Fight! Fight! Fight!


Bigby’s YOLO Challenge runs from August 1 until September 30, 2013. Head on to their page to see the full mechanics. So, what are you waiting for? Gather your team and prepare to become the Ultimate YOLO Titan. Remember, You Only Live Once! 😀


2/F Abreeza Mall
Davao City, Philippines

SunDATE at J Cuppacakes

I found a new cupcake place! 🙂 Hello J Cuppacake! I found this place in Eastwood when I went there last sunday for a feel good sunDATE with Cassandra.
Pretty store even from the outside 🙂

Isn’t it pretty? A few months ago, Cassandra was ecstatic about a cupcake place in Eastwood. However, as Eastwood is far from my cousin’s place, I wasn’t really thrilled to go. The first time I laid my eyes on the store, I already knew this is the cupcake place that she was talking about.
Welcome to J Cuppacakes

Isn’t it pretty? The array of cupcakes in the shelves are pretty enticing. The vibrant colors make you wanna try each cupcake and savor their flavor. Hmmm.. yum yum! The cakes on display were very pretty and colorful too!


Merely looking at the cupcakes made me really happy already! But I definitely didn’t leave the place without trying out some. I ordered their best seller, the Premium White Chocolate Basil and their new Cookie Butter Cupcake. If you like Basil, you’ll surely love the refreshing combination of basil and white chocolate.  On the otherhand, the Cookie Butter Cupcake is recommended for people with sweet tooth! I loved it! ❤❤❤


We’ll surely be back to try the other cupcakes! See you soon J Cuppacakes! 🙂


Nihonbashi Tei

Craving for late night Japanese food fix? Nihonbashi Tei is the place to be! It was my second visit to this resto and they never failed to fill my tummy with yummy Jap food. Even if it’s way past my bedtime! 🙂
Ready to eat? 🙂
I got stuck in the usual traffic from the south and my 8 PM dinner turned out to be at 10PM. The place was jam-packed when we got there. Lots of people who never follows the 6 PM rule. Hahaha. We ordered Maguro, Gyoza, and Shoyu Ramen. 

Maguro. Not a fan of fish but it looks so inviting~

Fried Gyoza

Shoyu Ramen for my daily pork fix
I liked the Fried Gyoza. It’s not too oily and the taste is just perfect for my Ramen. Shoyu Ramen is my default food in Japanese Restaurants. It’s simple yet delectable. Aaaaand, it has pork!!! If you haven’t noticed, I’m a pork person.
Here’s a map for you so you won’t get lost when you have that late night Jap Food craving:

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806 Arnaiz Ave, Pasay Road

Makati City, 1223
Metro Manila, Philippines

Haisan Seafoods Market and Restaurant

One of the must visit places in Zamboanga City is the Haisan Seafoods Market and Restaurant. As their name implies, you can select your favorite fresh seafoods and have it cooked your way.

For our lunch today, we ordered the Seafoods Vegetable, Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu, Spicy Shrimps, and Calamares. I liked best their Seafood Vegetable because it has sea cucumbers and broccoli (insert drool face here). The Spicy Shrimps was too spicy for me though. And the Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu was okay. Oh, did I mention that in general, I’m not impressed with the taste of fish? Nothing personal.

Too bad HaiSan didn’t have crabs then. I would have been happier. Oh well, a free lunch is always a delicious lunch. Thanks to our newly promoted General Manager for Zamboanga Operations!

HaiSan’s choice of fresh shrimps
HaiSan’s Sea Food Vegetable.
Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu
Spicy Shrimps