How To Tell Your Ex-Boyfriend That You’re Pregnant

A dear friend will be a mommy soon. But the thing is, she doesn’t know how to tell her ex-boyfriend. And she asked me for ideas, so naturally, I turned to google.

Check out some stuff that I’ve found in google and help her pick the best way to tell him:
1. Send him a message.
“Congratulations on making a human with your genitals.”
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2. Give him a cake.
“Thanks for knocking me up!”
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3. Wear something like this:
“Guess what? I’m pregnant.”
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4. Give him a card.
“I finally stopped drinking (I’m pregnant)”

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5. None of the above. Raise the baby alone and cut all ties with the guy. He’s an ‘ex-boyfriend’ and is no longer part of her life.  
What do you think?