Bigby’s You Only Live Once~

YOLO. These 4 letters got so popular a few months ago that you can see it in almost everyone’s status. It is their reasoning behind every crazy antics they did. You only live once. Yes, I agree. But that doesn’t excuse every crazy-stupid behavior that you later take a picture of and upload on facebook with the caption “YOLO”.

*Insert awesome heroic background music here*

Bigby’s YOLO Launching, however, is something that I would call awesome-crazy! Maybe because it’s food so I’m a bit biased, but whatever. It is awesome! They have 3 challenges under their YOLO Menu: (1) Big Time Manhattan Burger; (2) Rack-a-Bye Baby Monster; and (3) Titanic Treat.

You Only Live Once

The Big Time Manhattan Cheeseburger is 10-inch double deck all-beef burger is a creation that challenges mankind. It comes with your usual burger components: tomato, lettuce, cheese, and onion, garnished with pickles and fries! See how intimidating it is?

Big Time Manhattan Burger

Meanwhile, the Rack-a-Bye Monster Ribs is a monstrosity of smoky-barbecued pork ribs. It comes with buttered grilled sweet corn on the cob, cilantro green beans, and crispy fat fries. Calorie overload!!!

Mega Rack-a-Bye Baby Monster  

Last but not the least in their YOLO Menu is the Titanic Treat. More than a dozen scoops of differently flavored ice cream (I wasn’t able to count, busy gorging them down! Hahaha), mixed with brownie chunks, fruits, chocolate chips, chocolate and toffee sauce! Sinful! And yes, you read that right, I challenged this one! Together with Danea of My Teenage Kid and Me, we tried to conquer this within 5 minutes.

Titanic Treat
Kisisha and Danea~ Ready to attack!!!

We failed to conquer it though. But I’m definitely going back to challenge it again! You just wait Titanic Treat!!! The other team who challenged the Big Time Manhattan Cheeseburger for 2 minutes weren’t as unlucky as us. I think they came prepared for this one. Hmmmmm..

We want meat!!!
Fight! Fight! Fight!


Bigby’s YOLO Challenge runs from August 1 until September 30, 2013. Head on to their page to see the full mechanics. So, what are you waiting for? Gather your team and prepare to become the Ultimate YOLO Titan. Remember, You Only Live Once! 😀


2/F Abreeza Mall
Davao City, Philippines

Haisan Seafoods Market and Restaurant

One of the must visit places in Zamboanga City is the Haisan Seafoods Market and Restaurant. As their name implies, you can select your favorite fresh seafoods and have it cooked your way.

For our lunch today, we ordered the Seafoods Vegetable, Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu, Spicy Shrimps, and Calamares. I liked best their Seafood Vegetable because it has sea cucumbers and broccoli (insert drool face here). The Spicy Shrimps was too spicy for me though. And the Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu was okay. Oh, did I mention that in general, I’m not impressed with the taste of fish? Nothing personal.

Too bad HaiSan didn’t have crabs then. I would have been happier. Oh well, a free lunch is always a delicious lunch. Thanks to our newly promoted General Manager for Zamboanga Operations!

HaiSan’s choice of fresh shrimps
HaiSan’s Sea Food Vegetable.
Sweet and Sour Lapu Lapu
Spicy Shrimps

Sinulog 2013: Let’s Go Crazy Til We See the Sun

I literally went crazy just to party in Cebu Sinulog 2013!

The Sinulog trip was planned by the Kaladkarins ages ago, but me being me, I was hesitant to book a flight. So I didn’t. And thus began my crazy journey just so I could join the party in Sinulog 2013.

The week before the festival, I got assigned in Dumaguete and Bacolod for work. Dumaguete/Bacolod is just a ferry away from Cebu. Fortunately, some of my friends who were planning to attend SInulog 2013 got assigned in Bacolod too. 

We had a bit of time to spare and played tourist in Bacolod. There wasn’t really that much to see, but “The Ruins” literally took my breath away. The locals said that it was an old house that got burned down. Some of the infrastructure remained and they converted it to a tourist spot. It sounded dubious when we first heard about it. I mean, who would be interested to visit a burned house? Boy, I was so wrong. It was way beyond our expectation. 

THE Ruins!!!
The following day, we traveled to San Carlos to catch the afternoon ferry going to Cebu. San Carlos City is a good three hours drive from Bacolod City. Lo and behold, the ferry trip was cancelled by the Philippine Coast Guard due to “big waves”. Noooooooooo! The party! I was really looking forward to the party that my friends in Cebu arranged that friday night. Gaaaaahd! I was so down that even food couldn’t cheer me up. Waveeees! Why oh why now? Sinulog!

In the end, we decided to stay the night in San Carlos City and catch the earliest ferry to Toledo City. The locals in San Carlos told us that the weather and waves are always better in the morning than in the afternoon. We drowned our misery with beers in the hotel. I even learned a new drinking game! Yeay! They call it the “Cardinal Puff Puff”. I thought it was an easy game, but I guess when you’re drunk nothing is easy.

View Larger Map

Woke up early the next day to get our tickets and catch the ferry. And it seems that fate doesn’t want us to go to Cebu City. The person that we paid to get our tickets, did get a ticket. A TICKET, just 1. There are 4 of us travelling and that 1 ticket is definitely no good. The guy that we paid was given a number the previous day and he thought that he could buy 4 tickets with just 1 priority number. They didn’t tell us that 1 priority ticket = 1ferry ticket. Gaaaaaah. So I was on the verge of crying again. I mean, what to do? Good thing the guys kept their calm while I was busy being a girl. Still drunk, sleepy, and on the verge of crying. Sorry friends, I did seem shallow and stupid back then! LOL. So we drove down to Guihulngan and try to see if there are any ferry schedules going to the Island of Cebu. We got lucky here, because there’s a ferry by 9 AM that’s going across. And by lunch time, tadaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hello Seybuh! Hello Sinulog!

It was my first time to attend Sinulog, and I assure you it was worth all the trouble! I was finally reunited with my friends. I really enjoyed the street party. It was crazy and dirty. Everyone was in a festive mood that it’s okay for random bypassers to smudge your face with face paint. I guess no one was clean and paint free in Sinulog. 

I generally hate crowds, but this Sinulog Crowd is so fun that I didn’t mind the humidity, warm beer, and blazing sun. I am so looking forward to next year’s Sinulog! Pit Senyor! 

* Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures below*
Just wanna share some of the photos that I grabbed from my friends’ facebook page~ 🙂

Pat, Me, Lloyd, and Kharlo at the Sinulog Parade
Joan, Ninna, Me, Cassandra, Ria at the Sinulog Parade
Ninna, Cassandra, Ria , Me, and RVP Lyn
Kaladkarins in Sinulog 2013
Kaladkarins in Sinulog 2013
Cassandra and I doing some vanity shots. 
Going to Yo.U after the Grand Parade

Bathroom Break!

Still full of energy at Yo.U
Walking to the party at Base Line
Back in Yo.U
Met new people at the street
Having dinner along the side walk. 
Going back and forth between Baseline and Yo.U

Finally, we got our own table in Yo.U

Tired. But still partying! Let’s go!

Party continues at the hotel lobby

Fish Spa in Puerto Princesa

During my trip to Palawan, I had the opportunity to check one item on my bucket list… FISH SPA!

Can you see them little fishies? They are so excited to eat my toes- err sorry! my dead skin cells I mean.

 Purple Bamboo Spa & Wellness Center opened a few days before I arrived in Puerto Princesa. It is actually the first in Palawan to offer a Fish Spa with Foot Massage. I’ve always been curious about this ever since I saw it in Bohol. Good thing that I was acquainted with one of its owners Mr. Isagani Sibal.

Please excuse my bony feet. But can you see their excitement?

It was a very weird experience. Imagine small toothless mouth trying to gnaw on your feet, that’s how it felt for me. The therapist Jam, explained that these small fishes are called Cichlid fish. They are actually related to the Tilapia that is commonly served on our table. The Cichlid fish in this spa is originated from Thailand and there are about 1200 of them in that tub. They grow up to 6 inches long, but by that time I’m sure you’d also be afraid to put your feet inside the tub. The Cichlid fish use their small teeth to eat the dead skin cells on your feet. The owners of Purple Bamboo told me that the original fish spa, uses the Gararupa fish. The Gararupa fish eats the dead skin layers through suction. But they are more expensive than the Cichlid fish, and are more delicate also.

Some enlightenment for the general public

Prior submerging your feet in the tub, you’d have to rinse it to remove all the chemicals on the skin layer (lotion or whatever it is that you apply to your skin).

Wishy wash. Lezz remove all the lotion or it might poison the fishies

The submerge-your-feet-in-hungry-fishies-tub actually took about 20 mins. After that they’ll rinse your feet again and give it a nice foot massage. The whole experience costs Php 199.00 only. Fish spa -Cheeeeeeeeck!

The Purple Bamboo also offers food for their customers. They have a menu consisting of healthy foods, crafted specially by their own chef!

I got to try the Tomato, Cheese and Basil Sandwich and it was so good. I never knew that simple things could result in something so awesome! It’s a must try! 😀

When you’re in Puerto Princesa don’t forget to drop by Purple Bamboo and have a go at this one of a kind spa.

Purple Bamboo Spa & Wellness Center
Goodwill Ramada Building, Rizal Ave.
Puerto Princesa City, Philippines
0917 584 3123

Puerto Princesa In A Rush

Uh huh! I went to Palawan in a rush because of work. And since there is a direct flight from Davao to Puerto Princesa, in a few clicks after the phone call with my boss, I was booked and ready to experience Palawan for the first time!

Hello Puerto Princesa! 😀

Look what I found at the Arrival Area of Puerto Princesa Airport~

It’s actually very helpful for those who didn’t book their hotels ahead of time. Even with the time constraints of this assignment, I was still able to book and even arranged for an airport transfer. I really like this service, it saves me from all the trouble. And the driver who picked me up was very friendly and funny. I was booked at GoHotels Palawan and along the way there’s this building that is green and yellow…

So I asked the driver if it was the hotel and this is what he said:

Driver: Actually ospital po yan ma’am. Adventist hospital po, pero ang tawag nga po ng mga nurse jan is Gohospital
Me: uhhh.okay *don’t really know how to react here*
Driver: Ang gohotel ma’am is katabi po ng Robinson’s. 4 minutes walking distance po. Pero pag umuulan 1 minute lang po guaranteed…
Me: oh okay (thinking that if it rains it’ll take a minue via jeepney or tricycle)
Driver: Kasi ma’am tatakbo po kayo, sure yun ma’am 1 minute lang.
Me: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! (Almost fell out of the car seat)

Newly opened Robinson’s Place Palawan (sorry took this shot from a moving vehicle)
And this is the real Go Hotel~ 😀

 See? They do have the same color scheme! And I’d have to give credits to manong driver for cracking jokes. He was also very enthusiastic to answer all my questions about Puerto Princesa City. He even mentioned tour packages for the usual tourist destination. Since it is work and I have limited time, I wasn’t able to explore the beauty of Palawan *cries*.

And because I’m a pig, I had to try Ka Lui. The locals said that any trip to Puerto Princesa wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t eat at Ka Lui. They were right! Ka Lui served sea food dishes using the freshest ingredients.

During this short trip, I also visited the Baker’s Hill / Baker’s Kitchen. 

And some pasalubongzzz of course! 🙂

Had to go back to the hotel afterwards. I’ve also arranged my transfer back to the airport through my booking so I didn’t worry that much. And guess who my driver is? Yes! Izz the same funny driver.

Driver: Ma’am nakapag Firefly watching po kayo?
Me: Uh no.
Driver: Maganda po dun ma’am. Sayang! Dapat nagpunta kayo.
Me: Ah next time.
Driver: Marami nagppropose dun ma’am tapos wala pa sumagot ng hindi…
Me: Ah kasi romantic?
Driver: Opo, bukod doon ma’am, itry mo sumagot ng hindi ilalaglag ka sa bangka..

Thanks to Kuya Driver for making me laugh again. Even if my trip to Puerto Princesa City was short, I still had a lot of fun. I’ll be back! And I’ll definitely visit those famous tourist destination!

Good bye Palawan! Til next time! 🙂